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Names Jack. New To The Voice Acting Game. I also shoot music videos with my friend Tyler on the side.

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Loyola University

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Hey Jackwuzhere here,

Theres a new collab in the works. It's only been in existence since yesterday but have already procured one animator and several voice actors. The soul purpose of this Collab is to showcase the untapped talent here on Newgrounds. I have been a member here for quite some time and can't believe this hasn't been done yet.

This collab is designed to let both the animators and the voice actors display their strengths for everyone to see. Whether an artist is well known or not this is to be done to showcase what we do have, and for the more established animators and voice actors, polish what they already have. I'm personally investing time and money for this. I'm purchasing a new microphone and everything for this collab. This will be a chance for us to shoot up the ranks of Newgrounds and really make something special. Not only for the benefit of us making it, but also for the benefit of Newgrounds as a whole.

Today I received advice from THE Egoraptor in a Pm on how to go about making this special and TRUST me. I'm going to be doing all I can. He hasn't endorsed this or anything but this is just to show you that this Collab is no joke. He said we need to impress and maybe put out a preview. I have also talked to Spikevallentine, creator of Snow Snow For Lucy, who also gave me some pretty inspiring advice. If interested in being apart of this let me know. This could be something huge if you let it be.

If you want to be apart of this send me a PM with your name, and a sample of your work. Nothing to extensive. Just something to demonstrate your abilities. Animations that were made specifically to audition for this collab will get top priority. Good or bad I would like examples of your work.

Voice Actors:
This hole in the collab is filling up fast. This has only been around for a day and Already several voice actors have been tapped. There have been no voice actresses. They are not required but diversity is good. Send me a PM with your Name, age, and a sample of your work. Reels that have different characters that display most of your strengths are encouraged.

Anyone else who you like to help with this is welcomed to send me a PM and let me know how they would like to contribute.

Let's make this something they remember. Let's Rock The Front Page By Storm. For the Betterment of Newgrounds. Everything. By Everyone(Us).


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