Entry #1

New To Newgrounds.........Sorta

2010-09-16 00:56:08 by Jackwuzhere

Hey there I was an "Newgrounds Outsider" if you will, I visit the site as often as facebook or myspace, however I never got around to joining. Well Today seems as good a day as any. I'm not really great at art, and don't know a thing about flash, so I'm hoping voice acting is what gets me to the level of the greats (Insert Shameless Plug For Myself Here). I feel that Newgrounds is my home though I've never walked in the front door. I hope with time my name becomes uttered in the same breath with artist such as Egoraptor, HappyHarry, and TomaMoto, who I'm sure you can guess is the one that really convinced me to join with the voice acting. ( Yes, There's some semi-ass kissing and such going on here, not intentionally). Moral is, I'm still a Newgrounds Noob. Hopefully you can put up with me and will help me learn the ropes. Hopefully this is just my foot in the door to something big. "Keep Your Eyes To The Skies."



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2010-09-16 06:53:47

Hello there and welcome to community :]
Now you don't need to jump through the kitchen window (;